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  1. Conditions for payment and booth handing over
  • Exhibitors must pay organizers in advance 50% of the booth rental costs, the remaining 50% will be deposited before 10/10/2018. If the exhibitors cancel the contract for any reason, there will be no refund.
  • Exhibitors will receive a license on staging and decorating the booth when 100% booth rental fee has been paid (exhibitors are confirmed by Organizers and get a receipt or certificate of account transfers). Organizer is not responsible for the delay in staging and setting up booths of any exhibitors due to late payment of the rental.

      2. Arranging and using the Fair are


  • To ensure the overall decorative design and based on the registration period, the aspirations of Exhibitors participating in the Fair. Organizer will arrange the display position for the exhibitors involved, the Organizer can change the overall design and exhibitor location, and exhibitors should have no comments.
  • Exhibitors must not sub-lease or use the booth for improper purposes. Violations of the pavilions will be revoked and the exhibitors will get no refund
  1. Cancellation
  • In case of withdrawal, exhibitors do not participate in the Fair, registered exhibitors must notify organizer in writing within 50 days before the opening of the Fair.
  1. Transport of goods to the Fair
  • The exhibitors participated in the Fair do not arbitrarily demolish and clear goods on display outside the region when the fair is taking place unless they have an agreement document of the organizer.
  • The exhibitors participated in the Fair is responsible to bear all costs and risks in the shipping phase in and out of the fair venue. The materials that are not for display may not be exhibited in the area.
  • The costs incurred by the exhibitors who do not hand back on time as notified by the end of the Fair will be responsible for themself.
  1. Advertising and sales at the fair
  • All advertising activity can be taken place only in the area of lease registered by organizer; the exhibitors can only promote their own brand and goods produced and distributed by them self. Every exhibitor must be registered and agreed who are responsible for the quality and legality of their products on the display.
  • The exhibitors involved are responsible for their sales (tax payment and transfer of goods into the fair, prices,) as prescribed by the organizer.
  1. Insurance, Liability and Risk
  • To ensure the safety of goods on the display, the exhibitors must be responsible for the insurance of the entire goods (fire, loss, water, accident and liability to the third party) during the exhibition.
  • At the end of the opening hours of the fair, Exhibitors are responsible for checking goods, sealing, enclosing the booth for the fair. During the opening of the Fair on the next day, if there is a problem (loss or damage), exhibitors should maintain the status and inform the guards for immediately solving. In staging the fair period, units involved are responsible for protecting their entire booth.
  • Organizer is not responsible for any loss that occurs during the fair.
  • After using the booth, leasing equipment of organizer must be returned fully. Exhibitors pay damages and lost during using.
  1. Change the time or location
  • In case of necessity, the organizer has the right to change the time and venue of the fair and notify exhibitors about the location, time at least 30 days before the opening the fair (including holidays and Sundays).
  • In the event of force majeure (natural disasters, war, fire...) at which organizer cannot open the fair, based on fact, the organizer will refund a portion of the contract value (after deducting the actual expenses).
  1. Fire Prevention and compensation for damages
  • Absolutely prohibit carrying flammable substances and objects which are not allowed by law into the Fair area. Strictly prohibit the use of electricity for cooking, heating or drying material in the exhibition. The exhibitors must compensate for damages by employees or exhibitors during the Fair.
  1. Cleaning the booth

The organizer should be responsible for the cleaning up their booth, the entire route for public sanitation in the area of the Fair.

  1. Entry Card and Fair Invitation

Each exhibitor is delivered 03 free entry Cards /01 booth. If there is more demand for additional the exhibitors should register to organizer before 10/10/2018

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