Reasons to participate in Hanoi Gift Show

There are many convincible reasons for you to participate in Hanoi Gift Show 2019.

Firstly, this is the biggest scale and international standards handicraft and gift specialized fair with to be held in Hanoi. There will be carefully investment in the design for exhibiting space in which the “open” style will be applied so that the aesthetic and visitors-friendly will be assured.

Secondly, promotional programs for the Fair will be held in order to attract visitors to the fair. Beside public visitors, Hanoi Gift Show 2019 will have the attendance of foreign importers, wholesalers, retailers nation-wide and from other countries; foreigners in Hanoi, hotels, resorts in Vietnam.

Thirdly, the Fair time is very favorable to Vietnamese exporters since it happens in a loop of major trade fairs in Asia.

This is the best opportunities for Vietnam handicraft, home décor, gift enterprises to meet, establish contacts and relationships with potential national and international buyers.